Mantras and Sacred Chants

Mantra Music and Sacred Chants set in traditional style with tambura, veena, tabla and sitar along with mantras for protection and upliftment.

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Indian traditional Music

The Hymns of the ancient Vedas of India, which are composed in the traditional music scale, are still not yet appreciated as they would need to. Malola Music has set a sign for bringing the rare and precious classics of old Vedic Times to a media, that even people around the world are able to get the chance of real sound enjoyment. It will give release of stress and hectic in ones life, as these vedic sounds (either by chanting holy mantra or just the plain music) are set in such a way to uplift the spirit and the mundane mind.

The plan is to preserve rare compositions, special styles of music and their instruments und extraordinary Raaga Forms cooperated with holy prayers and secret Mantras.

We (Malola Music) also do support for protecting ancient scriptures (like palmleaves, copperplates etc.). in Melkote (south India) and help to redevelop ancient shrines and temples for pilgrims.


The work of Sri Vidyabhusana

One of the famous classical singer of South India, who is more then 20 years in the field of music working, is presenting most of the songs written by the ancient tradition of the Haridasas (a class of Devotees of Lord Vishnu) in their local language Kannada or in the ancient script Sanskrit.

Their devotion that is expressed in a vast volume of more then 50000 songs, which Sri Vidyabhusana is mostly trying to recollect and sing them for public concerts are focused in our CD/DVD Media Release. He is working to spread the classical Music outside of India also, and gives Concerts in the USA und Europe. All the Haridasa* music are lead into typical karnatic tradition from the 16th century, and set with instruments like Veena, Mrdangam and Ghatam or more modern instruments like Violn and Harmonium.

He is living with his wife and two kids in the big city Bangalore, were he is organizing every year one of the biggest classical music festival in glories for the Haridasas compositions, along with other musicians and famous singers from India. Otherwise he is very busy with his Music projects and book productions on Haridasa Culture.

Vastu Vidya Recommends

Vastu – Symphony of the Elements

The music on this CD reflects the harmony of the 5 elements and the instruments represented by them. It also includes Vedic Vastu Mantras which give rise to perfect harmony in the mind and home.

Mystic Formulae – Narasimha Tantra

Sri Sudarshana Narasimha Murthy | In the Vaisnava culture the two divine personalities who are the most important for seeking protection are Hanuman and Narasimhadeva; and the mystical power syllables connected with them are found on this CD. The recitation of such mantras can purify the atmosphere and protect one from negative influences. Thus this CD can be used, for example, to accompany entrance into a new home, to eleveate sleeping problems or even to neutralize black magic.

Music of Devotion

Sri Sudarshana Narasimha Murthy | Classical, devotional songs from the Haridasas (16th century) sung by Sri Vidyabhushana, one of the best singers in this music field. South indian instruments are giving support and creating an atmosphere to relax and for meditation.

Sacred Chants – Saints of South India

Sung by Sri Vidyabhushana on stotras by Sripad Madhvacarya and Vadiraja Tirtha. These are the very powerful prayers set in a very special tune and emotional music vibrated trough veena, mrdangam and tambhura. A masterpiece of classical south indian music!
Comes with a nice booklet with background stories of Vaishnava history on music and philosophy.

Divine Melodies (Popular devotional songs on flute)

VK Raman | New release by Malola Music with one of the best flutists in India. Pure expressional songs from the Haridasas played in explicit Raaga modus, harmonic and meditative in nature. An informative booklet makes this release another star on the ancient tradition of music.