The Five Great Elements

The purpose of the science of Vastu is to help you choose the right plot of land and correctly position your house so that you can keep bad influences out and enjoy all Nature’s auspicious influences. The multifarious influences of the elements ether, air, fire, water, and earth; the Sun’s heat and light; the climatic rain, wind, and temperature; the magnetic field of the earth; specific influential planets in the eight directions; and the powerful influence of the controlling demigods and personalities in the eight directions, all these gross and subtle energies are very carefully examined and accordingly balanced in Vastu.

The elements fire, water and earth are present in our material bodies as well as the surrounding gross material Nature. The elements air and ether are found in higher dimensional or more subtle physical processes, as confirmed by modern natural sciences. The onus lies with an architect to avoid a clashing of Nature’s five elements. This is achieved by simultaniously thinking , percieving , and experiencing in harmony with Nature. Vedic architecture is a holistic, meditative, creative art of designing and building in harmony with all Nature’s influences. Linear means of expression such as speech and script are insufficient to grasp the deepest intricacies of these complex interrelations.

Humankind and Nature have always been mutually bound and dependent. Just as Ayurveda cures diseases by re-establishing the balance of the body’s elements, one aspect of designing and building with Vastu is first understanding then balancing – in the living space of your buildings – the combined influence and order of Nature’s five elements.

Influential Planets in Earth’s Sphere