Influential Planets in Earth’s Sphere

According to Vastu all forces and influences of the universe which have an effect on man can also be found inside the house. By the help of the effective and simple system of the nine planets of our sun system we can very easily understand these influences. By referring to these nine planets the astrological systems of all cultures describe very precisely the forces on man, which influence his fate like invisible threads. The nine planets and their interaction represent all areas of living of a human being so that their position can be seen as a reflection of the life situation of a man or a house.

Like some kind of lens

Just like the various areas of life are dominated by individual planets, each direction, each function of a room, each building material and each other detail of a house is under the influence of a certain planet. Inside the house there is a lively exchange between these things and therefore also between the nine planets by which the inhabitants of the house will be affected. The house or the apartment of a man acts just like some kind of lens which focuses the influences of the nine planets on its inhabitants and make them feel their interactions. For instance, if a person is in a room located in the north of the house, he is automatically under the influence of Mercury, the ruler of the north. If the person sets up an office there, in which he intends to administer his financial dealings, the influence of Mercury is very beneficial for this endeavour as Mercury fosters financial affairs in general. In this case one must see to it that the north is being designed according to Vastu principles.

Dominating planets for every direction

An office in the south dominated by planet Mars is under other influences. The planet Mars tends to foster more pragmatic aspects of life connected to work, research or technology. The following table assigns the dominating planets to each direction:

Direction Dominating planet
East Sun
Southeast Venus
South Mars
Southwest Rahu
West Saturn
Northwest Moon
North Mercury
Northeast Jupiter/Ketu

This correlation indicates further important qualities of the eight directions and conclusions about their effects on the inhabitants. However, it is necessary here to know the most important qualities of the nine planets, which are paramount in Vedic astrology.