Vasati & Global Scaling

Security and Stability through Building according to the physical Laws of Nature

by Marcus Schmieke


If one examines the masterpieces of all the architecture epochs, one will make an astonishing discovery. All the remarkable constructions, that were established bordering on the limits of the structural feasibilities follow a simple physical law, which is called global scaling. The reason is obvious: if a building is exposed to special strains, for example if it is especially big or it is unprotected from earthquakes and other natural disasters, it has to be strictly established after the physical laws of nature, in order not to collapse.

Global scaling was discovered by the German physicist Dr. Müller in 1982 and is in the meantime acknowledged by famous universities in Europe. Global scaling describes physically exactly the interaction of any construction with the vibrations of its surroundings. In this connection the vibrations of the earth’s crust, that can take on extreme extents under special conditions, is particularly important. They can arouse natural disasters like floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The way a building reacts to such vibration impulses of the earth, like an earthquake or a tidal wave, is decisively dependent on the resonance between the building and the respective vibration frequency. The greater the resonance between the building and the vibration of the earth is, the more energy is transmitted on the building. This can lead to the collapse of the building.

The intensity of this resonance is dependent on the following factors:

  • The place of the building on the estate in relation to the vibration knots of the earth.
  • The alignment of the building in realtion to the directions.
  • The measures and proportions of the building and its rooms in relation to the wavelength of the earth vibration.
  • The symmetry and inner structure of the building.

The exact location of the building and its measures and proportions are especially important in this connection, because these two factors decide whether or not the wavelength of the respective earth vibration (earthquake) goes into resonance with the building. The more intense this resonance is, the greater the danger of a damage of the building and its inhabitants through the vibration of the earth like an earthquake gets.

In an area that is at risk of an earthquake one therefore determines the measures, proportions and the inner structure of a building according to vasati – global scaling in such a way, that it does not go into resonance with the free vibration of the earth. Practically the buildings are constructed in anti – resonance.

This illustration explains the influence of global scaling on the fundamental vasati principles.
The stagnant gravitation wave and its upper vibrations cause a structure in every room that exactly cover the layout model that follow from the vasatipurusha mandala. Furthermore the exact locating of the construction on the estate is carried out according to vasati – global scaling, so that the danger of an energetic transmission through the vibration of the earth is minimized. In this way the buildings gain security and stability without raising the construction costs.

The Scientific Fundament of Vasati in one Formula

In 1982 the German physicist Dr. Hartmut Müller discovered in co-operation with scientists from the Soviet Union that all material structures and incidents follow a hidden model. According to this theory called global scaling, all structures and processes in this world are caused by a cosmic gravitation wave. The research scientist derived a formula from their extensive measurements, that describes the allocation of all sorts of matter within the sphere and time. It makes a precise analysis of systems and processes possible, as well as an accurate prognosis of their development in the future and guidelines for optimizing them.

Only in the last four years Dr. Müller could publish and demonstrate the revolutionary consequences of his discovery. The knowledge about the existence of this gravitation wave will change all important sectors of science, technology, society and philosophy in the future. This inaugurates areas of application like:

  • Communication technology: gravitation wave cell phones without e-smog
  • Generation of energy: free energy from the g-wave
  • Transport: quantum teleportation

The resonances of the global gravitation wave on the landscape, on estates and in buildings is of tremendous importance for planing buildings and cities after Vasati.

Marcus Schmieke

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    Great article, offering amazing insights not heard before!

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    Nice article and. very true. This science of earth magnetic and electrical fields effect on buildings needs due considerations when designing a building or a hpuse.

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      Thanks Hitesh, do you have any involvement in Vastu?

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