The Magnetic Fields

by Manju Medha Magriplis (BA in Vastu & Vedic Sciences)

The sun is creating an electro-magnetic field, which pervades the whole solar system and the earth is embedded in this electro-magnetic field. Life was created on this planet within this electro-magnetic field. You can basically say that life in this planet is in a way a product of this energy coming from the sun. The energy from the sun comes to us in an electro-magnetic way. So our body is made from this energy and still now we are getting this radiation from the sun. The sun is not just giving us heat and light, but with the light comes the electro-magnetic radiation and information. The process of life is basically an informational process, an information processing process.

Coherent and chaotic fields

We are processing information. The cells in our bodies are processing information and they are communicating information with each other. This communication between the billions and billions of cells within our body has to happen within a fragment of a second and this quick communication process within our body is created by another electro-magnetic field which the body creates itself. All the cells of the body together contribute to one electro-magnetic field. The stress is on one. The oneness of an electro-magnetic field is called in physical terms a coherent field. A coherent field means that the different parts of this field seem to be especially distant from each other, but they are not actually separated. It is like a homonym. In terms of physics one calls this kind of electro-magnetic field a laser light or a laser field, because in a laser the different photons, the different particles of light are vibrating in a face, coherent, not chaotic. Chaotic is the opposite of coherent. Chaotic means that the different parts have lost the connection with each other. They have lost the communication with each other and therefore they are not coordinated. When everyone does what he likes, we call that a chaos. But life cannot exist in chaos; it exists in so much that, its basic fields are coherent.

Meridians are called Nadis

This coherence is the most important aspect about the health of the body. The meridians of the body and the acupressure points are actually the interference pattern of the electro-magnetic field in the body. The interference pattern, which has a certain structure of electro-magnetic fields of the body, creates the meridian system on the gross level and creates the different sensitive points. The meridians, which are called Nadis in Sanskrit. The acupressure points are called Marmas in Sanskrit. They are pain points. If you stick a needle inside, you have a great impact on the electromagnetic field, especially if it is a metal needle, it will influence the magnetic properties.

Our body has its own bio-magnetic field, because the gross manifestation of this field is an electro-magnetic field. The more subtle aspect of this electro-magnetic field is a magnetic field because the magnetic field is the bridge to the more subtle energies. A magnetic field is very deeply connected with bio-energies. A moving magnetic field causes an electro field and a moving electric field causes a magnetic field. This is a constant vibration of life between two poles. In Chinese it is called Ying and Yang. In Vastu we call it the solar and lunar energies. The solar
energy is coming from the east, and the lunar energy is coming from the north. Female and male energy. The magnetic field is the female aspect and it has a deep connection to the more subtle fields. Through the gravitation and the magnetic field you have a connection to the second level in vasati, the energetic level.

The body as a subtle antenna

One Russian parasitologist was teaching us how to feel the polarity of a small magnet. First from 10 cm, then 20 cm, 1 metre and then over the distance of 10 metres. We could still distinguish if the North Pole or the South Pole was directed to us. For this you cannot give a physical explanation because the intensity of the field of the magnet becomes so weak from a bigger distance. This means that our body is a very subtle antenna, it has very subtle senses for magnetic fields. The reason for this is because the magnetic fields are guiding the subtle energies. The magnetic fields are very close to the border of the energetic level and therefore the magnetic fields of mother earth are very important to us. Therefore we always have to orientate ourselves to this magnetic field.

We have to build our houses parallel to this magnetic field. There fore this north-south direction is so important. It is called the Yama-sutra.

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