Increase Your Health, Wealth and Prosperity We are surrounded by energy fields. In an open ground, the energies operate freely but when a structure is built, the energy fields are affected and have to be restored. When this is achieved in a proper manner, a harmonious flow of energy permeates the building. This has a positive effect on the people occupying it and a bearing on health and prosperity. Read more about Vastu, the science of structures!

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  • Tuning Into Energy


    Tuning Into the Correct Layer of Energy by Manju Medha Magriplis In Vastu we try to fit the energy field […]

  • The Story of India


    One of the greatest players in history is rising again … The Story of India is a BBC TV documentary series, […]

  • Vasati & Global Scaling


    Security and Stability through Building according to the physical Laws of Nature by Marcus Schmieke   If one examines the […]

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